The Shivers : Love Is In The Air (mp3)

The Shivers write songs. They write all different kinds of songs. Happy songs, sad songs, quiet songs, loud songs. But they’re at their best when they write love songs. And boy howdy can these cats write a love song. The band wrote possibly the greatest love song of all time with the breathtaking “Beauty,” but on their latest full-length effort, More, the Shivers show that their love song well has not run dry just yet.

All loose guitar and quiet keys, “Love Is In The Air” is a somewhat standard/stereotypical love song in that it lets the melody do all the work. If this was an instrumental track, void of lyrics and vocals, it could probably stand on its own as a love song, much in the same way as the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” needs no words to let the listener know that it’s all about love. But the vocals are there on “Love Is In The Air,” and it’s a good thing because it’s Carey Kemper’s gravelly growl (and climaxing falsetto) that really give this track all of its punch.

The Shivers are giving away the track for free, so grab the mp3 below (right-click save for PCs; ctrl-click save for Macs) and let me know what you think in the comments.

The Shivers :: Love Is In The Air

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