MP3: Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out by the Antlers

Like Luke mentioned in his phenomenal album review, the influence of Bon Iver’s debut on the alternative music scene cannot be understated. It blew away both consumers and critics with its earnest lyrics, empty space, and that soul wrenching falsetto. Oh that falsetto. That ethereal otherworldly falsetto. As beautiful and skillfully restrained as the guitars and percussion on For Emma were, it was Vernon’s voice that transformed what would have been a beautiful folk record into a cultural phenomenon. And since Vernon’s arrival on the scene, no other vocalist in the indiesphere (or the mainstream, for that matter) has been able deliver such an effective emotional gut punch by the nature of the human voice alone.

But Peter Silberman comes close.

Peter Silberman is the brain and the voice behind Brooklyn trio the Antlers. On their killer debut Hospice, the band took Vernon’s confessional lyrics and emotive vocals and backed them up with anthemic skybusting guitars to incredible effect. And just last month the Antlers released their second album, Burst Apart. It’s a slightly more restrained affair then their debut, but Silberman’s ghostly coo is still there and it’s still enough to take your breath away. You can download “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” for free.

The Antlers :: Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out (mp3)

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