Pictureplane : Real Is A Feeling (mp3)

Pictureplane are flying in hot with a brand new track from forthcoming album Thee Physical and you may as well take your pants off now because you’ll be dancing ’em off soon enough.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about “good” dance music. Dance is a genre with which I am not overly familiar and it is a genre for which I do not have a very fine-tuned critical ear. But a fine-tuned critical ear is not necessary. One of the beautiful things about dance music is that its consumption is often less cerebral than other genres of music. It’s as if the sounds bypass the brain and go straight from the ears to the arms, legs and hips for immediate and ecstatic processing. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. (note: I am fully aware that most music makes the listener move his body, tap his foot, bob his head [i.e. dance] to some degree, but I’m probably not smart enough to argue semantics on the matter.)

“Real Is A Feeling” starts with a lone synth line somewhere in the distance, coming closer and closer, and while your brain is slowly starting to pick apart the melody…BOOM. The tinny 808s and surging bass line slip right past that spongy grey matter in your hatrack and your body just starts moving. It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t fight it.

The mp3 is available for free download, courtesy of Pictureplane. The song will appear on Thee Physical, which is out 7.19.11. And remember, nobody looks good when they dance. But the people that look the best are the ones that are having fun. Life is short. Get out there and dance your pants off.

Pictureplane :: Real Is A Feeling

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