MP3: Then It’s White by the Field

Some days are just bad. Something unthinkable happens and then all the rote and mindless tasks we do everyday somehow manage to simultaneously feel more precious and more meaningless because of it and your senses and emotions are raw and nothing feels good and you just want to shut everything out, have it all fade away.

That’s what songs like this are for. While almost certainly made entirely on a computer, “Then It’s White”  manages to sound and feel entirely natural and organic. A melancholy piano line twinkles over and over on top of a quiet echoey drum shuffle while a multitude of atmospheric swirls pass in and out of the room. And amidst the repetition and and swirls a sad but beautiful ambiance starts to emerge and your senses feel soothed and the minutiae of life starts to gain back it’s proper perspective and you no longer feel like shutting everything out, but everything still fades away.

Put on your big headphones, close your eyes and push play.

The Field :: Then It’s White

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