MP3: Money by the Drums

The Drums have a template and they stick to it. Propulsive post-punk bass lines and nostalgic beach-inspired lyrics (Joy Division + Beach Boys = the Drums) mark just about every song these boys have ever written. And while the downside is that this strict adherence to formula can make for somewhat monotonous full-lengths, the upside is that it sets the band up for some potentially excellent singles. Like “Money”.

On “Money”, the band stays entirely within it’s wheelhouse: nostalgic/retro lyrics about being too broke to buy a lover a gift backed by a dark and punchy bass line. They may not be breaking the mold, but I’ll be damned if they don’t make that mold look really good. Gothy surf rock at its best. Grab the mp3 for free below.

The Drums :: Money

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