MP3: I’m Gonna Try by Shimmering Stars

“I’m Gonna Try” is a perfect pop song. Excellently crafted to fit snugly within the late 50s/early 60s AM radio pop parameters, this song could have floated over the airwaves half a century ago, fitting seamlessly between tunes by Buddy Holly and the Zombies. Until you get to the lyrics, of course. The opening line alone would have been enough to get it banned from most stations (“Walking down the street and I want to kill everyone I see”). But in spite of the slightly macabre delivery, the sentiment of the song still falls in line with the classic radio singles of yore. At it’s heart, “I’m Gonna Try” is really just about what most most every song from that era is about: love. Losing love, how it feels to lose love, and how it feels to find love again. Love.

Download the mp3 below.

Shimmering Stars :: I’m Gonna Try

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2 responses to “MP3: I’m Gonna Try by Shimmering Stars”

  1. C Caggia says:

    Great song! I love it.

  2. CK says:

    Thanks, C. For such a short and direct song, it has quite a few layers to pour over. Really been enjoying this one as of late.

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