MP3: DIY by Keep Shelly in Athens

I don’t know too much about low-profile Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens except that they are a duo from Greece and after olive oil and feta cheese they are my favorite export from the motherland. The amount of musical output has been fairly low, but the quality has consistently high.

Keep Shelly in Athen’s sample-based sound dips its toe in the same Balearic-tinged pool as bands like Air France and JJ, but it skews a bit more lounge-y, a bit more sensual. Erotic, even. Songs like “A Tear In My I” and “Fokionos Negri Street” manage to recall the type of music you might have heard late at night on Cinemax in the early 90s. But on new track “DIY” the band takes its sound out of the realm of the 90s and into the future. Or at least the type of future envisioned by classic sci-fi movies of the 80s, perfectly nailing that sort of dirty, polluted, flying car/dystopian society vibe. It feels like a song you would expect to hear inside a club in the movie Bladerunner. Or Total Recall.

Grab the mp3 below.

Keep Shelly in Athens :: DIY

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