MP3: Collar Bones by North Highlands

“Collar Bones” is a song made by young lovers for young lovers. But like all good love songs, you don’t need to be young to be moved. You just need to be in love.

Amidst an organized but slurry mix of mandolin, keys, and violin as well as the standard guitar, bass and drums, North Highlands’ singer Brenda Malvini’s forlorn voice solemnly scampers along and pins down ordinary words and phrases with a sincerity only possible by someone truly in love. Lines like “you remind me of a train ride” and “you remind me of the morning…cinnamon and syrup” are the type of lyrical confessions that would come off as vacuous unless the sincerity of the singer was absolute in the mind of the listener. And when those lines flutter out the mouth of Malvini, well, they do feel sincere. And honest. And absolute. They feel like being in love.

You can download “Collar Bones” below. If you like what you hear, try out “Sugar Lips” as well.

North Highlands :: Collar Bones

Bonus:  North Highlands :: Sugar Lips

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