MP3: By Your Hand by Los Campesinos!

If you like one Los Campesinos! song you will probably like every Los Campesinos! song. They’re pretty much all the same and they’re pretty much all about the same thing. Most every song is immediately identifiable with half-spoken half-sung verses, big group sing-along choruses, and lots of instruments (they’re usually an 8-piece and never shy away from the glockenspiel). And most every song is about love (or lust) and is always bittersweet (usually with an emphasis on the bitter).  “By Your Hand” follows in this fine tradition. It’s a slightly romantic, more than slightly bitter love song with half-spoken/half-sung verses, big group choruses and lots of instruments. With Los Campesinos! you always know what you’re going to get. But for a fan like me, there’s a sort of serenity in knowing that every song the band releases will find a good home in the headphones covering my ears. Grab the mp3 below.


Los Campesinos! :: By Your Hand


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