MP3: Baby’s Arms by Kurt Vile

My favorite psych-folk-rock troubadour is doing all of us a kindness by giving away one of his best songs (and one of my favorite songs of 2011) for free!

For the uninitiated, Kurt Vile (actual name) is a Philly-born sometimes solo sometimes full-band musician making the type of reverb-drenched folk tunes that feel tailor-made for long drives down rural roads on warm starry nights with the windows down and the radio loud.

“Baby’s Arms” bears the trademarks of Vile’s strongest work: hypnotically dynamic fingerpicking, Dylan-esque sing-speak vocals, and atmospheric beeps, bloops and flourishes that transport the listener to some astral plane far far away.

Video below (all shot on a camera phone) and free download (for the price of an e-mail) below that.. Happy listening!

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