Memoryhouse : Modern, Normal (mp3)

There are some nights when you’re alone and feeling morose and you just really don’t know why. Not a particularly bad day at work. No familial tragedies or emotional losses. No real reason to feeling down but you just can’t seem to shake off that little dark cloud that’s hanging over your head. You know that you’ll wake up in the morning to the sun shining and birds chirping and all will be right with the world. But for the time being, you just really want to indulge that sullen side. Memoryhouse makes music just for that mood.

Like all Memoryhouse jams, “Modern, Normal” is a slow-tempo number carried along by the gentle coo of Denise Nouvian and the hazy atmospherics of Evan Abeele. You get the faint feeling that you’re hearing the song being played at the end of a long hallway. Or underwater. It’s the kind of song that swirls around you, disorienting your sense of here and now. Like jumping into the ocean at night with your eyes closed. For those first few seconds you feel utterly lost, even though the surface is just inches above your head. Well, for the price of an e-mail, you can feel utterly lost and stay totally dry! Grab “Modern, Normal” below and watch the video for “Lately” below that.

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