Class Actress : Keep You (mp3)

With only a short (but extremely potent) little EP under their belt, Class Actress are relative newbies to the scene. But don’t let the band’s novelty throw you off; they’ve got their sound on lock. And while it’s not entirely novel (quite a bit of the sound is indebted to bands like New Order and other new wave pioneers of the 80s), it still feels fresh and clean. Harper, the main songwriting force behind Class Actress, coos longingly (but never depressingly) over club-ready synths and drums that keep your hips loose and your heartstrings tight. They’re the type of songs that make the unfun parts of love seem fun.

“Keep You” will appear on Class Actress’ debut album, Rapprocher, out on October 18. Download it below, courtesy of the band.

Class Actress :: Keep You (right+click/ctrl+click to download)

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