ALBUM: Instrumental Mixtape by Clams Casino

As interesting as Clams Casino’s story is, the music is better heard without any context. It feels both undeniably alien and inescapably familiar. Like maybe being back in the womb after thirty years outside of it. It’s some place we’ve all been before, and that gives it a feeling of comfort and safety. But it’s about as alien a place for our conscious minds to be as any. And I think the more you know about the actual creative process behind this album, the more that mysticism is stripped away. So I recommend skipping to the bottom of this post and just grabbing the album. HOWEVER, if you just can’t help yourself, here are the cliffs notes: Clams Casino, aka Mike Volpe, is a 24-year-0ld producer/physical therapy student from New Jersey. He’s made beats for some of the most hyped up-and-comers (e.g. Lil’ B, Havoc of Mobb Deep, A$AP Rocky, Soulja Boy). Instrumental Mixtape, Clams’ debut album, is a collection of some of his strongest beats. Stripped bare of lyrics and raps, these instrumentals stand on their own as fully realized songs, some sort of hip-hop-ambient-electro-dub hybrids. And Clams is giving them to you for free. Download the album below.


Click here to download Clams Casino’s Instrumental Mixtape.

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