Zeitgeist: Addendum

Peter Joseph is the freelance filmmaker and producer who created the movie Zeitgeist in 2007. He originally did the film as a personal project, made in the interests of “free public awareness.” The movie consists of three parts, entitled: “Religion,” “All the World’s a Stage” and “Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain,” about the origins of Christianity, the events of 9/11 and the global monetary system, respectively.

The film doesn’t pull any punches in its assertions or in the language used, but it is controversial.  Joseph posted the movie online following a free showing, and within a month it received record views, both by supporters and detractors, particularly about its assertions around the Christian religion. By the time he revised his original creation and reposted the movie on his own site, views of Peter Joseph’s movie had exceeded 50 million on Google video alone, and are speculated by his site to have reached closer to 100 million.

The Zeitgeist Movement grew out of the response to the original movie and its sequel “Zeitgeist: Addendum” (2008). The movement then expanded through collaboration with the Venus Project, which posits a social and economic solution for many of the issues raised by the Zeitgeist movie. By 2009, an annual event, “Z-Day” included events in over 450 countries. The 2010 Z-day occurred last month, on March 13th in most worldwide locations, including New York City, which still hosts the parent event.

According to a movie reviewer on Netaria:

(Zeitgeist Addendum) is definitely a movie worth watching, even more so than its predecessor. If you’re reading this, I assume you saw it, and know that its main manifesto regards the monetary system that world’s economy is currently based upon, and the thesis that the monetary economical model is not sustainable, artificial, non beneficial for most individuals (to the extent that it generates and maintains the modern form of slavery), and therefore invalid. They oppose the model of resource based economy. My common sense tells me they’re right, with strong support from the part of immediate reality.

For more on the movement or the movies and Peter Joseph, see his two sites: Zeitgeistmovie.com and TheZeitgeistMovement.com.

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