Escape Into Life: Issue No. 27

Field Favorite, 2007, paper cut-out, 19 x 27 in. by Simone Lourenco

Listening to Judy Chicago… EIL contributor Maureen Doallas, recently heard Judy Chicago speak about her new book, written with art historian, Frances Barzello, on the life and work of Frida Kahlo. Their shared authorship allows a dual vision of Kahlo’s life, covering nine themes and 252 pages.  Chicago and Doallas have much to tell us about understanding our artistic predecessors as women, as artists, and as artists who are women.

Music Review: This Empty Northern Hemisphere by Gregory Alan Isakov… When Luke Grundy says an album is a fabulous listen from start to finish, it is time to take a closer look. Moving and unusual lyrics supported by lissome melodies characterize Isakov’s work. Each track beckons toward the next and, like a dance partner who knows how to lead, Isakov pulls the listener in with effortless and intriguing grace.

The Poetry of Freya Manfred… Moving in unceasing arcs and striking regularly upon our expectations and desires, Manfred’s relentless words use our own inner rhythms against us. The poet’s blows are softened by regret and the ungent details of comforting minutiae.

Matthew Chambers at UNTITLED… There is nothing like an art review to give one the feeling of being smack-dab in the middle of the super-charged art world. In fact, smack and dab seem the perfect adjectives for Chamber’s gigantic installation where impact supersedes technique. Meredith Rosenberg’s description of his “hyper-banal bad boy slackerism” and her acerbic questions concerning the nature of art make the review almost as much fun as attending the exhibition.

Art Video: Miwa Matreyek… Performance, collage, imagery, music, and other variations of artistic possibility are captured in the Matreyek’s mysterious and meditative creations. With color, shadow, animation and stillness, she turns the motion of the moment inside out, immersing the viewer in an unexpected current.

What is Escape into Life?

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Stacy Ericson is an editor and photographer who has beenwriting poetry since she was a child. Her work often reflects her interest in other cultures, ancient languages and religion, and visceral passions. She says “To me poetry is a very serious undertaking involving studying poets that have gone before, the changing styles and goals of different time periods, specific imagery, unexpected juxtapositions, and a consciousness of meter and trope.”

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