Escape Into Life: Issue No. 24

Photo: tete sur table 1 by Candice Milon

Mikail Vrubel… As enchanting and distressing as any Russian skazka or folk-tale, these haunting images by Mikhail Vrubel fit clearly within artistic trends of the early 20th century, while reflecting the rigors of a Russian sensibility. Stephen Pain describes Vrubel’s work and tempts us to further explore the artist’s life.

Album Review — Serotonin by Mystery Jets… According to EIL reviewer, Luke Grundy, Serotinin is an 80’s revival record that manages to avoid the more grisly tropes of mid-80’s electro and produce a mood lifting series of songs that may raise one’s serotonin levels.

Poetry by Ron Hardy … Direct, evocative, and specific, Hardy’s poems bring the reader to familiar places by way of unfamiliar crossroads. The narrative voice casts a sometimes humorous eyes on the bit and pieces of our daily encounters.

Poetry by Janett Highfill… The spaces between one part of a self and another and between people in close physical proximity lend a mysterious quality to Highfill’s colorful and shapely verses.

Dancing, by Laurita Miller… The delicate movements that align and separate us in discrete seconds are etched into this piece of micro-fiction.  Miller’s sensuous prose is a treat for the eye and ear.

What is Escape into Life?

Escape into Life hosts well over 1000 contemporary artist profiles, and is also an online arts journal with contributions from nearly 25 different writers. Many of our contributors—ranging from well-known published authors, university professors, and freelance journalists—continue to publish art reviews and art history essays month after month.

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As an organization, we seek to promote the arts in all its forms. Our next milestone is to merge the thriving online publication with a viable online art store, a project that is dependent on your donations at this point.

Stacy Ericson is an editor and photographer who has been
writing poetry since she was a child. Her work often reflects her interest in other cultures, ancient languages and religion, and visceral passions. She says “To me poetry is a very serious undertaking involving studying poets that have gone before, the changing styles and goals of different time periods, specific imagery, unexpected juxtapositions, and a consciousness of meter and trope.”

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