Escape into Life: Issue no. 21

Mike Worrall

Art in the Digital Age: Text Portraits . . . Text Portraits by Ralph Ueltzhoeffer and Laura Maria May is a fascinating look at how information and personal data is being used as art.

Poetry by David Hernandez . . . Hernandez’s poetry is both immediately accessible and satisfyingly complex. As if the poet used all his resources to create something new each time; each poem has its own logic, its unique perspective.

The Mercy Troupers: A Short Story . . . As editor, I had the pleasure of working with Rose Deniz on this absorbing, lyrical short story. Deniz describes for us the transient, atypical life of Caramel, a teenager, and Orlie, her mother. The setting is a sort of religious trailer park in the desert. Caramel’s gradual discoveries about her situation is a powerful reminder of the stark difference between adult fantasies and youthful dreams.

Interview with Rory Kurtz . . . Contributing writer, Lara Cory, sat down with Rory Kurtz to discuss the artist’s journey as a professional illustrator. Kurtz discusses the “learning curve” involved in being self-taught, the meaning of digital paint, and the artistic benefit of commissioned work.

Interview with Andreas Levers . . . The sublime architectural photography of Andreas Levers made a huge impression on me when I featured his work in our Artist Watch. The following is an interview I conducted with the German photographer.

What is Escape into Life?

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As an organization, we seek to promote the arts in all its forms. Our next milestone is to merge the thriving online publication with a viable online art store.

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