Escape into Life: Issue No. 26

Family Car Ride

Waking from the American Dream… at the turn of the last century young artists struggled mightily to unload the luxurious and weighty baggage of the Victorian era. In this essay Tony Thomas examines their work in the light of Precisionist aspirations and changing visions of the brave new world.

The Poetry of Carolyn Sheehan Gandouin … In personal and delicate imagery Gandouin traces a discourse of laughter and tension. She describes an intriguing world of exquisite detail, where the space between the stitches is as rich as the embroidery itself.

Thomas Nozkowski—Recent Work… EIL reviewer Meredith Rosenberg directs our gaze to Nozkowski’s technique, his emphasis on the relationships between figure and ground, conventions associated with still life and landscape painting, and encourages personal decipherment  of his “quirky, resonating puzzle forms.”

Music Review—Cassino… Huntsville, Alabama musicians Torres and Odum feature acoustic guitar, effortless and organic vocal lines, and a precise blend of folk and country traditions. Our reviewer, Luke Grundy, introduces us to this  slender but entrancing catalogue and memorable melodies.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder by Doug Bond… Beginning with the broken silences of a family car trip and ending in a field of poppies, Bond’s short short story provides a glimpse within a glimpse of love, as it quickens and passes.

Stacy Ericson is an editor and photographer who has beenwriting poetry since she was a child. Her work often reflects her interest in other cultures, ancient languages and religion, and visceral passions. She says “To me poetry is a very serious undertaking involving studying poets that have gone before, the changing styles and goals of different time periods, specific imagery, unexpected juxtapositions, and a consciousness of meter and trope.”

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