A chat with French artist Aurore Lehilipponnat

  butoh 7, mixed media, 65 x 50 cm.

I am thrilled to introduce you to French artist Aurore Lehilipponnat.  Connecting and seeing Aurore’s work online is inspiring for me as an artist.  Her work is rich with movement, deep contrasts, and so expressive you can practically hear the message of her work!

portrait, graphite and charcoal, 65 x 50 cm.     

We are the fruit of the encounters in our life,they absorb us, shape us, even those we dislike. We are the sum of all the things that accumulate in our lives. In this, we produce and reproduce all the elements that imbue in us. This long walk of life, this is the brush that came to meas a tool of expression, dissecting, contemplation of the surrounding world. A wall between reality and imagination, a shield against violence, brutality, and all sorts of afflictions which can injure the fragility of the soul if exposed to these elements for too long. – Aurore Lehilipponnat


butoh 1, graphite and charcoal, 65 x 50 cm.

MA: Tell us what is it like to create art in Trans-en-Provence? Which cities are most receptive for artists in Var?

Aurore: Trans-en-Provence is a place that I was immediately seduced by: the colors of the sky, sun and nature. When I arrived in the Var, I was coming for two weeks on vacation, I became transfixed by the beauty here. Art and painting is quite successful here because there are many tourists. The history and myth of St. Tropez and homeplace for Brigitte Bardot adds to the attraction of this beautiful port town. St. Tropez is a place both wild and coveted by the rich!

Introspection, acrylic, 65 x 50 cm.

MA: Tell us how your artistic creativity began.  Where did you study and/or learn?

Aurore:  I was was born with a paintbrush in hand, from generation to generation, my family has passed on artistic talents and I flourished in that environment.  I drew constantly, which eventually led to my studies in the university in Bordeaux.  There I achieved my degree in graphic arts.  But my true inspiration began transform when I left the “university” setting and studied while I discovered life.

butoh 2, mixed media 65 x 50 cm.

MA: Tell us how you about developing and setting up your subjects? Your beautiful style with figures is simply remarkable… (can you please help tell the story behind a few pieces – subject and technique)?

Aurore: My work is often instinctive, I try to find a link between the subject and my mood. For me, it is important to create a link with nature, and the place of man, give him his true nature and place in the world. I work with natural pigments, such as henna, clay, earth, and I also try to merge the body and nature, so some of my works are called “nature incorporated.”

For years I drew my inspiration from real models but also based on images from Butoh dance, which fascinates me. I love working on the state of the soul, the dark side of human beings, suffering and hopes.

butoh 3, mixed media 65 x 50 cm.

MA: What kind of art projects do you see yourself starting in the next few years?

Aurore: In the future I would like to travel and exhibit abroad to further my work. Eventually, I realize a move is the way for my painting to progress. My painting contributes to my life a lot, it is a form of painting therapy in a way, it releases and creates a portal where my current feelings can flow. In the future, I hope that my subjects are less tortured, and I lead the way to happier topics.

butoh 4, mixed media, 65 x 50 cm

MA: Which artists have influenced your work the most?

Aurore: Many artists have always inspired a lot, but my master is Egon Schiele, I am fascinated by his talent and style. Every day I spend time to see different styles. I put a lot of time into studying detail. It’s wonderful with internet connections, it is easy to find immense talents every day!

butoh 5, mixed media 65 x 50 cm.


Aurore Lehilipponnat is an artist, painter in Trans-en-Provence, France. Pictured is Aurore Lehilipponnat during one of her exhibitions with artist SergeTenèze.

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