Laundry directed by Danielle Katvan


Written and Directed by
Danielle Katvan

Produced by
Saleah Askia

In an eccentric, old-school Laundromat, a young man is lulled into a daydream while waiting for his wash cycle to finish. “Laundry” is a quirky and colorful segment that juxtaposes the mundane with the magical.

Danielle Katvan, Director: Raised in her parent’s photography studio in New York City, Danielle Katvan has been exposed to the art of visual storytelling her entire life. Her goal is to create projects that are visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. In 2009, Danielle was awarded the Eastman Kodak Silver Award for Excellence in the Craft of Filmmaking. She is currently in pre-production for her next short film, in addition to writing a feature screenplay.

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