Short Film ‘POSER’ by Miguel Barbosa

Miguel Barbosa, from YEAH! Films, is back with us to share another short film called POSER. Miguel is an independent filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario. POSER follows the lifestyle of photographer Katerina as she learns about art, talent and success from Ottawa locals. Beneath the politics, creativity thrives in the Capital underground.

We asked Barbosa what he hopes people take away from his short film POSER, and this is what he had to say:

POSER is about how people interpret success in creativity. It’s a different kind of project I’m used to releasing, I made it to get out of my comfort zone as a director. I hope by watching it that people take away a better understanding of art. The film will be available for free online after 4:00 PM/EST this Sunday [April 15th, 2012], forever.


Miguel Barbosa’s POSER premiering April 15th 2012

Miguel’s Documentary about illustration on EIL

Yeah! Films Website


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