Escape Into Life First Annual Fiction Contest: Finalists and Honorable Mentions

Happy Friday morning to everyone out there in the reading world! We are excited to announce our First Annual Fiction Contest Finalists and Honorable Mentions.

Actual placement of the finalists will take place April 2, one month from today.

Without further ado, we present the finalists and honorable mentions in alphabetical order:


1. “America’s Greatest Hero” — Jon Maci
2. “Blown Glass” — Catherine Rose Torres
3. “Dinner with Sean Penn” — Amber Gross
4. “He is Our Son” — Marie Shield
5. “Mikvah” — Joyce Lee

Honorable Mentions:

1.  “Aurora Borealis” — Zachary Westhoven
2.  “Coming Down from Graceland” — Ryan Kelly
3.  “Down the Street” — Nicole Mayeux
4.  “Fear of Drowning” — Trudy Carpenter
5.  “Lines & Curves” — Sarah Saltwick
6.  “Mysteries of Television” — Harry Leeds
7.  “Oblivion’s Fugue” — Matthew Burnside
8.  “The One We Live In” — Michael DeStefano
9.  “The Salt Collector” — Lindsay D’Andrea
10. “The Wait” — K.K. Fox

We want to thank everyone that submitted to the contest.  It was a truly magical experience reading all your stories, and we’re blessed by the amount of talent that submitted to this contest.  Even if you didn’t make the cut, know that your story was enjoyed by at least one of us here at EIL.

And thank you to Ashley Devick and Ben Jones for their help handling submissions with care.

We look forward to continue to serve you with great stories,

Jason & Matt

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