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What Would Poets Do (for National Poetry Month)? 

Here’s what a few of our EIL poets are doing: 

Karen J. Weyant gives us 10 ways to celebrate in her blog: here, with more ways here

Karen’s blog tells us that Diane Lockward is featuring poetry books at her blog (Blogalicious), found here. (Isn’t it delicious how one poet’s blog so often leads to another?) 

Kelli Russell Agodon celebrates April with an annual Big Poetry Giveaway at her blog, inviting poets to participate in giving away books of poetry by poets they love. This year, 25 poets have joined in, including some of our EIL poets, such as Donna Vorreyer and Jeannine Hall Gailey. Check it out here

Paulette Beete, Karen Craigo, and Sarah J. Sloat are writing a variety of kinds of poems with Found Poetry Review in their excellent PoMoSco activity. You can read their work here and here and here.  

Many poets are writing a poem a day in connection with literary journals, websites, and workshops. I’m doing that myself, and I love generating 30 drafts in April to work on during the year. Hmm, so that’s why so many of my poems are about spring! 

What are you doing to celebrate National Poetry Month? 

–Kathleen Kirk, EIL Poetry Editor

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  1. Kim Kishbaugh says:

    As a poetry lover who has absolutely no ability to write poetry myself… I’m reading a poem a day. And sometimes more.

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