Via Basel: River of Life

Daniel Seung Lee

River of Life

Flakes of snow, drops of rain,
High up on the mountain,
Landing softly
Among the rocks, in crevices.
Some seep into the earth,
Others stay on the surface,
Growing, coalescing.
Small puddle, overflowing,
Moving faster, now a brook,
Then a stream heading downhill,
Picking up steam, O Gravity!
Rushing down steep slopes,
Energetic and youthful,
Curving a path for itself
From hard rocks and firm soil.
Slowing down along flat meadows,
At times merging,
Others splitting, dividing.
Powerful waterfalls,  
Calm and peaceful lakes,
Now mature, call me River.
I have a Name.
Nourishing all around me,
Confident, accomplished…pleased,
I keep flowing
Slowly, gradually and finally
Into the Ocean,
Vast and Infinite.
Borders disappear,
Gentle Loving Union,
I knew I Was all along.

Listen to “River of Life” read by Basel Al-Aswad


Basel for EILBasel Al-Aswad, father of EIL founder Chris Al-Aswad, is a yogi trapped in an Orthopedic Surgeon’s body. His loves in life include reading, hiking, enjoying nature, meditation, and spending time with his large Iraqi family.

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2 responses to “Via Basel: River of Life”

  1. Vicky Hodi says:

    well done Basel !!! that is very nice:)))

  2. Mary Madden says:

    You are amazing!

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