Via Basel: Magnificent Mandy & Xmas Greetings

On a cold December night just over three decades ago today a beautiful baby was born. Her parents welcomed that small bundle of joy in that most joyous season. Since then she has continued to provide her dad with unlimited pleasure and happiness (interspersed with few periods of stress). Together, father and daughter have weathered many storms and shared some memorable occasions; the highlight was Mandy and Thomas’s grand wedding in May 2014. Over the years Mandy has become a mature and generous woman, loyal to her many friends, dedicated in her work, loving wife, a perfect daughter, and now a super mom. Happy Birthday to the sweetest daughter a dad can ask for.

On this day the little poet in me gifts you, Mandy, Thomas, and Sophie this condensed poem titled what else….


Bells are ringing,

Bumpy birth,

Born beautiful,

Bare and bold,

Bonus from heaven,

Believe it or not,

Just in time.


Finally to all family, friends, and EIL faithful, may Peace and Love reign in these HOLY DAYS.


Basel Al-Aswad, father of EIL founder Chris Al-Aswad, is a yogi trapped in an Orthopedic Surgeon’s body. His loves in life include reading, hiking, enjoying nature, meditation, and spending time with his large Iraqi family, and now, retired, he will have more time for that. And for the next adventure.





4 responses to “Via Basel: Magnificent Mandy & Xmas Greetings”

  1. Joe Kilikevice says:

    Thank you Basel, and thank you Mandy and Thomas for bringing a beautiful child into the world. May love, respect, kindness and joy embrace her all her life. Christmas blessings, Br. Joe

  2. Maureen says:

    Wishing you and yours the blessings of the holiday season.

  3. Seana Graham says:

    Beautiful. Happy holidays to all!

  4. Sofiq Ahmed says:

    Best of luck for your bright future. Thanks for shearing your post.

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