Shar-Pei with Pearl

EJ Miley--curious orange 028

EJ Miley, Jr.

In July, we enter the Dog Days of Summer, starting with up close and personal dog portraits with a sense of humor by artist EJ Miley, Jr. Here we have Shar-pei with pearl, modeled on Vermeer, and look for more dog portraits tomorrow in Miley’s solo Artist Watch feature here at EIL. Miley’s dog art will also illustrate our annual Dog Days poetry feature, with poems this year by Matthew Murrey, Yvonne Zipter, Sarah J. Sloat, Maureen E. Doallas, Sherry O’Keefe, and Kelly Cockerham. Look for more canine inspiration in a review of The Unleashable Dog, by Charles Rafferty, coming up July 16, and sample poems from Echo, by Christina Lovin, on July 30. And don’t miss the gentle dog poem at the end of John Guzlowski‘s poetry feature from June.

Cat lovers, don’t worry. Equal time for cats will be provided later this year! As if there weren’t already enough cats on the Internet…

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