Pulitzer Remix

Gavin Lavelle, Eden

In our ongoing celebration of National Poetry Month, here is something two of our EIL poets are doing: the Pulitzer Remix. Sarah J. Sloat and Daniel M. Shapiro are among the 85 poets taking part in this project, sponsored by Found Poetry magazine. They are “finding” poems by way of collage, using words from the 85 Pulitzer-Prize winning novels to date, and posting a poem a day at the Pulitzer Remix site. Sometimes this involves literal cutting & pasting of words of the text, with visuals provided, and sometimes by erasing or crossing out neighboring words. Take a look!

Sarah is finding poems in Independence Day by Richard Ford. Daniel is finding poems in The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter.

Click on the book cover to read the current poem on the home page, or search by poet’s name to find all of that poet’s poems so far. Keep checking all through April!

Gavin Lavelle, Madonna and Cephalopod

Collage art here by Gavin Lavelle.


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  1. Maureen says:

    I’ve offered a couple for the daily posts on FB. It’s challenging!

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