Mother and Child Reunion

Maryjo Koch, Painted Letter with Broken-Winged Butterly
Maryjo Koch, Painted Letter with Broken-Winged Butterfly, gouache, 8 x 10, 2012

July is a delicate month for us here at Escape Into Life, as it is the month in which founding editor Christopher R. Al-Aswad was born (July 16, 1979) and died (July 27, 2010).  Chris dedicated Escape Into Life to his mother, Rosalind Al-Aswad, who pursued painting after a career as a businesswoman. His family then carried on his adventure in “visual poetry,” so Escape Into Life could be part of his legacy as well as hers.  This July we’ve been able to celebrate another mother-son pair of artists, Jonathan Koch, a painter of still life and landscapes, and his mother, Maryjo Koch, a naturalist painter and illustrator, whose broken-winged butterfly you see above.

To escape into the beauty of this world, please visit their Artist Watch features at EIL:

Maryjo Koch at Escape Into Life

Jonathan Koch at Escape Into Life

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