Life Sentences

Marci Cheary

A random harvesting of words from the journals of Escape Into Life founding editor Chris Al-Aswad, just in time for Thanksgiving:

Love is a language I do not know
Can you teach me it before I go!

There are three kinds of people—those who do, those who watch those who do, and those who follow those who watch those who do.

I see others more clearly than I see myself.

If you truly listen, what is said disappears.

It’s never too late to love yourself authentically.

We have to get inside our stories to get out of them.

…I don’t care what your name is, deep down everyone wants to make a difference.

Live into the past from the future.

There are sweet illusions which we tell ourselves in order to survive. These should not be repudiated. They must be kept like baby teeth. Professor S— taught me to see one way with one eye and one way with the other. I am forever indebted to her. One eye demands of me the illusion of childhood. One eye, the other, demands of me the knowledge and sapience of the old man. Without one of each, I am doomed to the autumn floor of dried and serried leaves…

Collage art by Marci Cheary. Available in the EIL Store.

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