Intuition of a Personal Economy


Mathilde Aubier, Sous-La-Neige
Mathilde Aubier


As some in the USA ponder the state of the economy, and the so-called “fiscal cliff,” here is Chris Al-Aswad’s meditation on what he called a “personal economy.” He was working on a poem to be called “Temporal Management” when he said this:

Each person is an economy. Economy means functional; economy means organizational. The economy of my life is me putting forth my energy—my life force—my prana—in the organization I see fit to achieve my Self. Self means fulfillment or realization. Every hour every relation can be reduced to a function of the personal economy. The personal economy links the material to the spiritual, the visible to the invisible. The goal is not manifest but perceived as intuition, as promise of fulfillment. Action concentrated toward the fulfillment of the goal is the wheel of the economy turning. Temporal management in terms of a personal economy is conceptualizing time in units of production toward the fulfillment of the goal. Here suddenly we have “time is money” but in a more spiritual sense. “Every act is karmic.” We have a cosmic system of cause/effect, of rebirth and temporality of fate and free will. It is all here in Temporal Management, but how do I put these abstract ideas in a poem? Perhaps I should put this on hold….

I see the irony, I intuit the economy. I wish you a happy new year.

Sous la niege, by Mathilde Aubier.

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  1. Deep,profound and timely. I had to read it several times.
    Thanks Kathleen for continuing to share Chris with us.

  2. Jessy Hall says:

    That was exquisite, brilliant, and very applicable to my own decisions in life. Is rebirth possible this far in? I have done it before, I can do it again 🙂

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