In Memory of EIL Founder, Chris Al-Aswad

Maki Horanai & Hillel Weintraub, Sense of Flying 

A Letter to Chris,

As we remember you on the 2nd anniversary of your “escape,” our hearts are full of grief and longing for you. We miss your smile, your sincerity,  and your contagious laughter. However, you’ll be happy to know that we have kept the promises we made when you left. EIL is still alive and thriving and we decided to keep your home in Normal as a haven and retreat for me and all who wish to spend time there.  In fact, tomorrow our family and close friends will be gathering there to celebrate you among the things you loved most, your books and journals. We will remember you and Mom and reflect on the wonderful  memories you both left us with.

With so much love,



Maki Horanai & Hillel Weintraub, Two Moons



An Except from Chris’ Journal – December, 2005

So many things I don’t know about
So many things I don’t understand
but most of all, I am sad that my
mother is dead

She was a beautiful woman
if only you could have met her
she knew a lot about fashion
and people asked for her opinions

Will my life be like hers
through so many different periods
career, parenting, art, death
or will my life be only

one note extended until my
last breath
I have more fear than my mother
I like to hide in libraries
and read at home, nothing else

When I see a pretty girl who
smiles at me, I am afraid
to love her or to tell her
my name

I am an artist but I am still afraid
so where are you, mother
can you come down for me tonight
and carry me to your land
where you go on living

how could I ever think
that your death was the end
I feel you with me more
each year

I long to embrace you
where will we go to meet each
other again
where will I find you in the night

Mother, return to this earth
to love me
mother, keep me company
for all I do is read and write
and have no mother to replace


In Memory of Christopher R. Al-Aswad

Entered into life July 16th 1979 – Escaped into life July 27th 2010