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It’s always wonderful to share good news from and about our contributors. And in March, Women’s History Month, we’re extra happy share some good news from our women poets.

Lauren Camp reported (on Facebook!) that her book Took House sold out at the Tupelo Press book signing at this year’s AWP Conference in Seattle. You can find Lauren Camp’s work here at EIL in various places:

Lauren Camp’s solo feature with art by Andrea D’Aquino

Lauren Camp’s poems and Turkish translations by Erkut Tokman

New (in 2020) poems by Lauren Camp with art by Julie Blackmon


Jannett Highfill has a new chapbook out from Finishing Line Press, Brown Restless Green, as its cover displays! Her work appears at EIL in solo and multi-poet features here:

Jannett Highfill’s solo feature with art by Sarajo Frieden

Jannett’s poem as a guiding principle in Poets on Poetry at EIL in 2019

A poem from the chapbook as Jannett’s contribution to Labor Day 2021


And Andrea Potos’s newest book is Her Joy Becomes, from Fernwood Press in Newberg, Oregon. Andrea’s work and reviews of two of her previous books can be found at EIL in several places:

Andrea Potos’s solo feature with art by Caravaggio

A mother poem (from Mothershell) in Mother’s Day 2020

A father poem in Father’s Day 2020

Reviews of Mothershell and The Marrow of Summer

Andrea Potos’s poem on poetry in Poetry is All Around Us: Poems on Poetry 2020

Her Joy Becomes has more poems of family love and grief, nature as sustenance, and the celebration of poets and of women writers.

EIL is always happy to hear about and to share the good news of its contributors!










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