Escape Into Summer

It’s the middle of a long, hot summer for a lot of us—featuring drought in the Midwest, fires in the west, power outages in the east, and the usual dangerous storms, with more to come, surely. But many poets, writers, readers, and artists are also finding time to relax and “vacate” with friends and family—finding that break from work or place or routine that can empty us out and fill us up again with joy, energy, and inspiration.

As I read the blogs of our EIL poets and other poets, I’m noticing how they use the summer to replenish themselves and do their work to take a break from it. Some are having at-home writing residencies, and some are off to the various getaway summer residencies that give them workshops or solitary writing time by day, and social/sharing time at night.

Some are enjoying time away from teaching, now tucked happily away in a writing room in the house or writer’s shed behind the house, catching up on their reading and writing. Some are still teaching—summer school! Some just got done with a summer school session. Some are on a true hiatus from everything.

I’ve disrupted routine here in the EIL Blog and on the Poetry page with a Wednesday “change-up”—a baseball term, yes?! I posted a new feature on the 4th of July instead of a blog entry, because poet Bethany Reid had a poem titled “America, America” that seemed perfect to post on that national holiday. Today I’m resuming routine, with this Poetry Wedesday blog entry, and I’ll have a new solo poet feature next Wednesday. So keep an eye out for it, and be sure you didn’t miss Bethany Reid on the holiday and Peg Duthie the week before, if you were yourself on vacation.

But who knows? Summer pulls us into the lake or chlorinated water, or into the garden or back yard shade. Summer pulls us out of routine, so there might be another “change-up” to come.

For example, one of our poets has taken on a new role in her community this summer. Jeannine Hall Gailey is the new poet laureate of Redmond, Washington!

How are you maintaining or changing your own routines this summer? How are you finding the rest, relaxation, and renewal you need?!

Happy Escape Into Summer,

Kathleen Kirk, Poetry Editor

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kathleen! It is sure going to be a busier summer than I had planned…but in a good way!

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