Escape Into Chris – Entry 16

Energy by Chris Al-Aswad


July 30, 2006 – Normal, IL

I have a backyard
my neighbors have a garden
the air reverberates with
children’s voices.
Crickets chirping,
the autumn stands one month ahead
looking back at the most placid day
in August – her feathered frock
gently ruffles.
My forehead is bathed in sunlight,
my eyes are handsomely covered.
I sit on my patio like a spectator
wearing a disguise.
The twittering of the birds overlays
the chorus of children’s voices
from far and near.
Chortles and sing song laughter-
you must see the birds flying
over the rooftops,
they glide and glide.
All the winged creatures slipping
through the transparent air.
My grass smiles to butterflies
central Illinois  – one giant plain
summer’s last hurray – the heat
trickles down in beads of sweat
and the clipping, and twittering, cheeping,
the fresh and innocent vision.
Miranda calls it a “brave new world.”
There’s the butterfly
hear her flapping around
right over your head,
Splendid wings, gold shimmering
things like a flashing jewel
We practice our reunion
in our backyards-
we paint through our anxieties.
This is a new landscape. A new setting –
the frightfulness will disappear
the nervousness will go away
fill the cup and you will take care of your
All the gifts were given to him
All at once from his dead mother –
mother, I am grateful
mother I am great.
The zigzag path of the butterfly
brings me out of my shade,
says to me hello.
In the beginning, there were words I had
trouble saying.
In the beginning, there were words I had
trouble phrasing.
I am new here,
new to a backyard.

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  1. Great poem Chris, as always I love the way you end it.

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