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Well, I was going to write a column on cartoonist Scott Adams (Dilbert) and his most recent foray into political analysis: praising Donald Trump for his skills as a Master Persuader. I got pretty deep in the weeds reading the various articles written, and also waded into some of the comment threads. Do not go there, if you value your psyche, or your lunch. I even made a couple of stabs at writing the thing: “Is Scott Adams— rich, successful and firmly ensconced at the pinnacle of a job he loves and is manifestly good at— really a fulminating, bitter, self-absorbed men’s rights activist who seems to have a man-crush on the rhetorical brilliance of Cheeto Benito, or is he just trolling us?”

Screw it. This whole miserable election just makes me soul-sick. You want to read about Scott Adams? This guy has some interesting things to say about the whole dispiriting mess. Me, I’m gonna write about my pumpkin. No Trump jokes, please!

Most Halloweens I carve a pumpkin, because it’s expected of me. I wrote about it once. It occurs to me that since I carved last year’s pumpkin after I published my post, you never got to see it. Well, last year I carved two, one of which was my fabulous wife’s idea. Here they are:



I’m quite pleased with this year’s effort, too. Here it is:




Magnificent, no? And, since it’s been a day or so, what have the Ravages of Time done to my Transcendent Work of Art? Behold:

moldy oldie

The squirrels have gotten to it, I fear.

Cartoons are transitory, pumpkins even moreso; but don’t let it stop you from making Art. Or art.  Life is fleeting, and the boundaries between Living and Not So Much are tenuous indeed. That’s the lesson of Halloween.

And be sure to vote next week. Vote for the sane one.

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