Toon Musings: A Challenge!


Last Sunday, the New York Times adorned its front page with the names, ages, and a short description of 1000 deceased victims of COVID-19, to commemorate the first 100,000 Americans to die of the disease. It was a stark reminder of the toll the Coronavirus has taken, and to some it was also a reminder of the incompetent response of what passes for a government in this country to possibly the most significant threat to society in our lifetimes.


One user on Twitter decided to express outrage by creating a mashup of this front page image and a drawing by political cartoonist Michael deAdder, thusly:


At the suggestion of Steve Brodner, another political cartoonist, other artists, professional and amateur, added their own mashups to the mix. The whole kerfuffle is ably described, with pictures, by Mike Peterson in his Comic Strip of the Day over at The Daily Cartoonist, and by Michael Cavna at the Washington Post. Other examples of this protest are on display at Steve Brodner’s Twitter feed.

Well, I decided I can play too! Here’s mine, the drawrings of which I drawed myself:

And in November, we can have a protest with some teeth. Assuming we survive that long.

Mike Peterson’s CSotD

An Invaluable Resource

The Post’s take

The instigator


Phil Maish is a freelance cartoonist of no repute. His modest efforts may be viewed at He has worked for the Government, the Press, the Opera, and a Soulless Corporation. Self-taught and beholden only to his formidable wife and amazing son, he spends his free time gadding about in his vintage autogyro and, with his faithful manservant Nicopol, exploring untrammeled wildernesses, discovering hitherto unknown animal species, smashing spy rings, and regaling fellow members of the League of Intrepid Adventurers with tales of his intrepid adventures. 

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