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Phil Maish

In 2015, we welcome to Phil Maish to Escape Into Life. He’ll be writing a column on comics and cartooning, called Toon Musings. Phil is a mysterious man. Here’s what he told us about himself: 

Phil Maish is a freelance cartoonist of no repute. His modest efforts may be viewed at He has worked for the Government, the Opera, and a Soulless Corporation. Self-taught and beholden only to his formidable wife and amazing son, he spends his free time gadding about in his vintage autogyro and, with his faithful manservant Nicopol, exploring untrammeled wildernesses discovering hitherto unknown animal species, smashing spy rings, and regaling fellow members of the League of Intrepid Adventurers with tales of his intrepid adventures. He resides in Heartland America. 

Little did we know when Phil came on board that 2015 would start with the sad and shocking news of the assassination of journalists and cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. Phil had written a column about mercantilism in the comics, which will be up later in January, but he gave us his perspective on the events right away, taking a firm and balanced stance. 

We hope you’ll enjoy his commentary on other topics as his column continues. Welcome to EIL, Phil! EIL readers, welcome to Toon Musings, by Phil Maish. 

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  1. Seana says:

    Welcome, Phil!

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