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The function of any type of expression is to relate. Despite grandiose allocations of virtue, art does not necessarily involve a poke at the status quo, in fact, it can merely be an attempt to convey a certain aesthetic. Zach Johnsen seems to straddle that line perfectly, all the while provoking our sense of criticality, yet also offering up a pleasing and dynamic image. The suits in his pieces almost seem pacified by their exploding heads, while other characters appear as intrinsic entities in a society whose underbelly remains battered and exposed. His takes on suburbia and lemming-style-living are apparent, both in this interview, and in his work. The ideas he shares indict an America that sits idly, efficiently constructing little boxes on the hillside, if only under the powerlines. Happily moving from mixed media, to illustrations, to graphic design and fashion, Zach has made it clear his talents are wide-ranging. Ahead, he tells me about his need to leave cubicle life, the transition from earth tones to scenes of hyper-color, and plans for a new business venture. –Evan La Ruffa

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  2. Splavistic says:

    Love it!

  3. Splavistic says:

    Love it!

  4. Cheybuff says:

    A terrorist? a colorfull terrorist? no? then say real loud what no one else wants to hear….and say it with a little color. Pun intended.

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