Yair Moss

window #1

window #10

window #13

construction #6

construction #1

construction #3

the youngest son 2

the youngest son 1

the youngest son 5

Artist Statement

My name is Yair Moss, and I’m 27 years old, living and working in Jerusalem, currently studying at the Musrara school of photography. I work with photography, video and installation. Since I was a very small boy I remember thinking in a philosophical way. When I was 5 years old, I couldn’t figure out how to prove I’m not the only living creature upon this planet (a bit weird I know…) but up to this day I can’t prove myself otherwise. And I treat my art in the same way. I try to create my own realities, my own world, with a very certain aesthetical and conceptual essence to it, that relates to my believes, feelings, and to my connection with this reality. All the series I start working on, never come to an end, I’m always able to add photographs to them, if it’s a window I like, or a construction site I go walking inside.

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  1. amira says:

    i love your work.. thanks for sharing.

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