Willy Verginer


Cecità Voluta (Deliberate Blindness), Detail, 2007, linden and acrylic, 12 metres total length

EscapeIntoLife_WillyVerginer2Autumn Time, Detail, 2009, linden and acrylic, 140 cm


Scalzo nella Neve (Barefoot in the Snow), Detail, 2008, linden and acrylic, 218 cm


Fior d’ogni mese (Flower of every month),  2010, linden &  acrylic, 87 cm


Hero, 2009, linden & acrylic,  180 cm


Fiori del Legame (Flowers of the Bond),  2009, Linden and acrylic, 90 cm

EscapeIntoLife -Willy Verginer7

Fior d’edera (Ivy Flower), 2010, linden, acrylic & iron, 172 cm


Troppa dolcezza mi asciuga (Too much sweetness dries me), 2010, linden and acrylic, 167 cm


Cariatidi (Caryatids)

About The Artist

Italian artist Willy Verginer makes wooden (that’s right—wood) sculptures unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Appearing simultaneously lifelike and whimsical, the sculptures are dipped in bold colors and patterned, adding just the right amount of surrealism.

In his “Cecità Voluta,” characters sprawl on a dock, their legs disappearing into the ground, as bright orange paints trick the eye into seeing varying levels of immersion in the “water.”

With such a distinctive style, it’s no wonder Verginer’s work has found international support and has been exhibited in galleries around the world. (via)

Willy Verginer’s Website

Willy Verginer at Steinroetter Gallery

Willy Verginer at Gallery Biba

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  1. Manuel Olmo says:

    Love this work, visually stunning and very expressive!

  2. Thank you, happy you appreciate my post!

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