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From Interview:

How did you learn your crafting skills?

I’ve just learned from looking at other works of art. The more you work, the better you get. It mainly comes from trial and error. I used to try and paint at an easel with canvas but I have really shaky hands and found it is much easier to paint on a smooth surface on the table so I can rest my arm.

Can you describe an environment: time, places and company (people or pets) where you feel most creative?

I come up with most of my ideas at night for some reason but generally execute them during the day. I like to get up by 6:30 for my morning coffee and try to start painting by 8. Often the biggest challenge is sitting down and getting started. Usually once I get going, it is easy. I paint at the dining room table looking out into our back courtyard which is really nice. I like to be alone with music playing or an old movie that I’ve seen before so I can listen and not have to watch it constantly. I like being around my cats while I sketch but they are too disruptive to the painting process! (resurrection fern)

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