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Trevor Brady has had the advantage of exploring his art from the perspective of two very different hemispheres. Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1970, Brady studied advertising and design before relocating to Vancouver, Canada in 1993.

Somewhere amongst working as a creative director in the media and design industry, maintaining an online creative photography community and magazine, and running a small gallery, Brady has found the time to cultivate the passion and perspective the art of photographic expression entails.

His photography is generally influenced by two dimensional composition, leading him to shoot a great deal of urban architecture, detail, and an array of other typographical elements. He brings these images to life through what he refers to as ‘ReDesign’, the creation of graphical composition from an existing scene. Brady frames intrigue through the photography of common objects – stacked crates in a dirty alley, or a chain-link fence decorated with old coffee cups – making them compelling, even beautiful, in the process. This desire to transform subjects also extends past the inanimate world, to the rundown neighbourhoods of Vancouver’s Eastside where both the people and the streets possess an intensity rivaled only by their willingness to express it. It is here, among the scratched windows and littered gutters, that Brady’s subjects truly come to embody the spirit of the artist’s ReDesign. 

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  1. sandra says:

    very nice photos! We don't see those kind of buildings here in southern illinois!

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