Tracy Jager

alice and the rabbit – the later years


their loneliness upon returning was vast

you’d planned to move with a kind of largeness

they seemed to be talking in circles

a relatively new experience for the Bureau of Reclamation

as from a dream like enchantment we awakened entranced

the perfect white between words

if all time is eternally present

this is what it’s like

Artist Statement

Livingferal (aka Tracy Jager) uses vintage materials to create dreamscape collages. Her work has been described as “rich with poetic ambiguity.” Having previously been employed as a writer, she loves interplay between images and words, and often creates titles that suggest multiple meanings for her collages – as if they might contain secrets. Her work is influenced by dreams, and subjects like philosophy, poetry, and psychology. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, and has a BFA in Visual Art.

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Thanks to Necklush for finding this artist!

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