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About mostlywanted:

Now on its fifth incarnation, mostlywanted is the online portfolio of Bath UK based illustrator Tom Bagshaw.

The journal / blog contains processes, sketches, doodles and you can sometimes catch new work here before its posted, so make sure you stop by.

The work is now separated into books, each book reflecting a style and the work within ordered by age. Print and online materials have been grouped within the ‘Other’ category.

About Tom Bagshaw:

His style is formed through his love of traditional painting styles with a more graphic orientated feel. The outcome is a unique blend of superbly rendered realistic figurative type imagery with very clean graphic elements. Apparently, up until a few years ago he had always wanted to be a traditional artist, but due to the incredible digital tools and image softwares available to mimic real paint and mixing techniques, Tom decided to convert. I’m glad he did. Pure excellence! (paintalicious)

Tom Bagshaw’s Blog

Tom Bagshaw on Central Illustration Agency

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