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Stuart Gibson is a photographer from Tasmania, Australia. Stu’s introduction to photography was one of accident, quite literally. A car smash saw him hobbling on crutches and plastered up to a dangerously itchy level, but this forced shore leave proved to be a blessing in disguise as soon as he picked up the camera.

Shooting from the beach on a pre-loved Canon film rig, Stu realised that he had stumbled onto a good thing, judging not only by the powerful images that he was capturing, but also by his outspoken, eager mates that were mildly excited to see some shots of themselves. It was then that Stu realised he had found his passion and his true life calling.

Today, his images are published and recognised around the world, both in print and pixel. His ability to maintain timing and composition in heavy situations is awe-inspiring to say the least, yet his humble attitude earns him respect amongst his peers and the industry.

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