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Artist Bio:

Stephen Wiltshire’s uncanny ability to accurately draw intricate buildings and cityscapes completely from memory has earned him the title of leading architectural artist of the world.

He creates his artwork after only brief glimpses of his subject matter. In 2005, for example, following a short helicopter ride over TOKYO, Japan, he drew a stunningly detailed panoramic view of the city on a 10-meter-long canvas. Wiltshire, who is autistic, first came to widespread public notice in February 1987, when he was featured on a BBC documentary called “The Foolish Wise Ones”, about savant syndrome, a rare condition in which those with various developmental disorders – including autism – have incredible abilities or talents.

He was shown on the program drawing ST. PANCRAS STATION, an elaborate Gothic railway hub in central London that he had visited for the first time earlier in the day. Calls and letters poured into the BBC, from viewers seeking to buy his artwork. Wiltshire now has his own gallery in London, where he displays his drawings, accepts commissions, and meets with his many fans.

He still appears frequently on television, and in March 2007 he was prominently featured in “Beautiful Minds: The Memory Masters”, an hour-long program broadcast on the National Geographical Channel.

Credits: H. W. WILSON (bio continued)

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