Shichigoro (Shingo Matsunuma)

escapeintolife shichigo1

hiku kitai 4







escapeintolife_ shichigoro-shingo62B02

escapeintolife_shichigoro-shingo7 2C02



escapeintolife _shichigoro-shingo9

2D12 – line 2

escapeintolife_shichigoro-shingo102D07 –  give a flower

Artist Statement

“I want to create original art work that I imagine in my created world. In my world there is no fear;  no fear of creatures and no fear of machines, just no fear!”

About Shingo Matsunuma

Shingo, or Shichigoro,  is a 33 year old artist living and working in Yokohama, Japan. Having studied oil painting at Tama Arts University in Tokyo, he started working with Photoshop and subsequently worked as a digital artist for a games company.

In his artwork he creates a whimsical joyful world inhabited by mechanised creatures both human and animal, as well as children, and all interact harmoniously and peacefully.

Shingo Matsunuma (Shichigoro) Website

Thanks to Terri Nakamura for finding this artist.


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