Sam Gibbons

Open Wide, Come Inside, 2008, acrylic on cut-out panel, 44 x 42 in.

XL, 2008, acrylic on cut-oout panel, 63 x 48 in.

Yours Truly, 2009, acrylic on cut-out panel, 43 x 42 in.

Junk Skull, 2009, acrylic on cut-out panel, 54 x 40 in.

Strung Up On Dead Tree, 2008, acrylic on cut-out panel, 60 x 48 in.

Rumble Cloud, 2009, acrylic on cut-out on panel, 40 x 41 in.

Best Of Luck, 2008, acrylic on cut-out panel, 60 x 48 in.

About the artist

Sam Gibbons’ paintings are fascinating renderings of cartoons perversely entwined in spasms of death and candy-colored imitations of sex. Gibbons’ work is a painterly convergence of figuration and abstraction; resembling a Rorschach test, one side of the canvas mirrors the other, lending symmetry and precision to fluid and spontaneous bursts of color and form. Employing imagery that was originally intended to entertain and pacify, Gibbons’ paintings are at war within themselves. The typical role of the cartoon is subverted; these benchmarks of inexperience are engaged in violent and sexual acts. Acting as allegories for the loss of innocence, Sam Gibbons’ paintings exist as a complex and beautiful mimicry of the human condition (Claire Oliver Gallery).

Sam Gibbons’ Website

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