Rune Guneriussen

These dream-like installations are assembled, and then photographed by Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen. Just imagine being out for a walk in Norway’s countryside, turning a corner and discovering a magical forest of lamps, a tangle of chairs, or a river of books. Sadly, once the photograph is taken, Rune removes the installation, the only proof of it’s existence being these images… sort of like waking up from an amazing dream that you could have sworn was real.

As an artist, I believe strongly that art itself should be questioning and bewildering as opposed to patronising and restricting. As opposed to the current fashion I do not want to dictate a way to the understanding of my art, but rather indicate a path to understanding a story.

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  1. Courtney says:

    Artists like this don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. I can’t even imagine how long these scenes took to put together…that alone deserves a lot of respect and awe. I wish these pictures were everywhere for everyone to see, not just where people stumble upon them by accident. They deserve more :/

  2. That is simply magical! It’s like little fairies left them there

  3. GirlyGirl65 says:

    wow these pics are so awesome and amazing.

  4. Bonsai_forest says:

    funghi lamps! i love it

  5. Victoria_genvieve says:


  6. Jquinnalperin says:

    This is so incredible and inspiring! I love it!

  7. DANNI1973 says:

    Absolutely fantastic!!!

  8. Jalal Hameed Bhatti says:


  9. Alice says:

    I personally love the lamp ones. The chairs with the tree is fantastic as well

  10. Sammie says:

    I would have been the one too Try n’ swim it the sea of books xD

  11. Foxhollow says:

    omg me 2

  12. Narcimetamorpho says:

    if you like these photos, google search adam ekberg’s photography! wonderful chicago artist, more or less in the same vein as these.

  13. EIL says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  14. Allen derico says:

    This is what happens when people have too much free time.

  15. Romi9787 says:

    woow thats like a episod o lost

  16. Kirstenlloyd10 says:


  17. JHF says:

    i love it !!!:D<3

  18. Tracy Wasem says:

    Amazing. Love this work.

  19. roseandamelia says:


  20. Carmen. says:

    this is really really cool.

  21. Golpededados says:

    Nature powering tech… silence hearing books… waves touching stillness.

  22. Aspire7_6 says:

    this is nice.  now google this name: “andy goldsworthy” and you’ll see in whose footsteps this Guneriussen person is walking. 

  23. Both artists make ephemeal work which they photograph.

    Goldsworty, who is usually described as as a sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, works exclusively with the natural world, using what material he finds: twigs, stones, leaves, ice, flowers for  his work.

    Guneriussen, who can be described as an installation artist-cum-photographer, takes man made indoor items out into the landcape:  chairs, lamps, books, tables… to create temporary installations which he then photographs.   

  24. aquariann says:

    What wondrously whimsical installations! It’s a shame that she takes them down so quickly, but exciting that the images aren’t just created in Photoshop.

  25. Suzannelflynt says:

    These are BRILLIANT in conception and execution. Well done!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    amazingly beautiful ideas

  27. guest says:

    Beautiful pictures except for the one with the chairs. What are those chairs doing in the ocean? It dosent make any sense.

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  29. TheLizardKing says:

    The chairs in the ocean are in more bizarre then any of the other pictures man…

  30. Oneholyhope says:

    some one has a lot of time on their hands

  31. Donne Milano says:

    It’s great! I love this pictures!

  32. He’s an artist, it’s his job is to use his time like this and to make wonderful aesthetics for us lot to enjoy. xx

  33. Truly wonderful. Who knew lamps could appears so magical?

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  35. THOPPP says:

    Absolutely stunning! I love them all!
    cool photos, nice work

  36. Casieopea says:

    this is kind of brilliant!! thanks for this! 

  37. maria says:


  38. Love the lights.

  39. Malan B says:

    Visually impressive

  40. osaid says:

    amazing photo.. thanks for sharing.

  41. Stunning colours and very creative. #love

  42. q8well says:

    Very crazy (nice)

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