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Rui Pires is a photographer from Aveiro, Portugal.

With strong influences from classical photography he still uses the film and medium and large format as principal tool for documentary and pictorical.

Rui Pires assumes himself essencialy as a black and white photographer and he works in all the process to produce his works, starting to chose the right film, taking the pictures, developing, scann and process the final results.

Rui Pires allways study the work of the most humanist photographers like Bresson, Doisneau, Salgado and others and Rui Pires prefer allways a humanist aproach to his documentary work.

Rui Pires have many published works in magazines and newspapers and in this moment he works in a project named “Rural Moments” in order to publish a documentary photography book about the last comunitarian rural villages and rural people in Portugal. (bio)

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